GOAT Tribe Platform

Owners Only

As an owner of a GOAT Tribe NFT under any of our policies you will be able to access a restricted area of the GOAT Tribe website through a holder verification process.
Within this area, users will be able to:
  1. 1.
    access an exclusive merchandise store carrying stock merchandise items and allowing holders the ability to feature any of their held GOAT Tribe NFTs, all available in multiple currencies including ADA;
  2. 2.
    apply to mint-on-demand exclusive derivative NFTs of their goats, initially in partnership with Anim8bits and in the future 3D (these will be limited to ensure that multiple derivatives of the same NFT cannot be created);
  3. 3.
    gain early access to future GOAT Tribe minting events; and
  4. 4.
    display all of the GOAT Tribe NFTs they hold, including access to an online reader for comics.
Further plans for the holder-only area include access to exclusive interactive content.