GOAT Tribe


GOAT Tribe is a collection of 10,000 NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain. Launching in October 2021 and selling out in early November, GOAT Tribe has grown to be recognized as the most inclusive and engaged community in the CNFT space with an experienced team working to develop a strong brand and implement the utility offered by the Cardano ecosystem with an ultimate aim of rewarding and providing value to collectors and increasing blockchain adoption.
Since the initial launch, GOAT Tribe has delivered two completely free bonus drops to lucky collectors and a limited free poster drop as well as running numerous charity and community events.


As a project we feel it is vital to have a sense of purpose; a common goal which we can all work towards. A why.
GOAT Tribe promotes quality, positivity and community building whilst supporting causes that preserve and improve our natural environment, determined to avoid the post-apocalyptic world endured by our NFT characters.


A portion of our mint revenue was donated to animal welfare and humanitarian causes and we have since donated NFTs and conducted charity auctions of unique pieces. Our aim is to host regular events which drive funding to environmental organisations as well as celebrate the creativity on Cardano and create unique art to generate enthusiasm and excitement throughout our community.
The first of these events will take place in April 2022.
We are also in discussions with environmental charities that use blockchain verification regarding partnership.


Community is something we consider a pillar of our ecosystem. Throughout time people have always gathered amongst each other, connected by their values and goals. It’s under our belief that NFTs help further those goals with more freedom and flexibility.
As a visual use-case, we believe NFTs help connect communities to blockchain technology, and In order to aid community building within the Cardano ecosystem, a number of the plans we outline herein are aimed at connecting our community with each other and further securing the future together.

Policy IDs

GOAT Tribe: Vanguard


33 NFTs minted between 29th September and 16th October 2021 for promotional purposes

GOAT Tribe (Series 1)

10,000 NFTs minted between 19th October and 4th November 2021 as a public sale

GOAT Tribe: Helloween 2021

666 NFTs minted between 2th and 30th October 2021 as a free airdrop to selected GOAT Tribe NFT holders

GOAT Tribe: GTFO (GOAT Tribe Festive Offering) 2021

1,212 NFTs minted on the 23rd December 2021 as a free airdrop to selected GOAT Tribe NFT holders

Specials and One Offs

A limited policy for unique 1/1 pieces created by GOAT Tribe, auctioned for charity