Utility, Usage & Rights


Not only does each NFT grant the holder access to the #1 Community on Cardano, each one represents the owner with a unique identifier, a goat that says a little something about them, that grants access to rewards in the form of airdropped bonus NFTs and physical items, whitelist and early access to other NFT projects and access to further exclusive content in future.
In the two months following the mint of our original collection, there were two free seasonal NFT airdrops to our holders to mark Halloween and Christmas 2021. Early in 2022 we distributed around 70 posters worldwide to randomly selected collectors who minted with us and we have a minimum of two further limited airdrops planned for our holders before the year is out.
Throughout this document, plans are set out for the further utility of GOAT Tribe NFTs, including as an owner access key, for staking and assigning native token distribution quotas.

Owner Rights

As an owner of a GOAT Tribe NFT, you are granted a royalty-free, exclusive and revocable license to reproduce, publish, or otherwise use and authorise others to use the image contained in your NFT. This includes but is not limited to commercial purposes.
Once you no longer own your NFT, you no longer hold the rights as described here.
The GOAT Tribe logo is a registered trademark and may not be used by anyone without permission from the trademark owner.
​Should you wish to license the GOAT Tribe name, logo, or specific assets contained within GOAT Tribe NFTs, please contact us.