Comic & Series 0

As well as plans to develop the GOAT Tribe ecosystem, outlined in subsequent sections of this document, we are planning to produce future NFTs both exclusively under the GOAT Tribe name (some of which will be reserved for free airdrops to our holders) and in collaboration with select other projects.
The aim of producing further NFTs is has two functions:
  1. 1.
    To allow further organic growth of our community, giving more people access to GOAT Tribe and its benefits through NFT ownership, potentially at a lower cost of entry than secondary market purchases of the original collection. In order to broaden access, we intend to implement a purchase mechanism similar to that proposed within our marketplace, which bypasses the necessity to have a reserve of ADA in order to take part.
  2. 2.
    To expand the background and flesh out the story of the GOAT Tribe in a tokenised fashion, creating more assets across different media forms that the community can interact and engage with.
Current plans to these ends include the launch of a limited series of NFT comics in 2022 and a further 'Series 0' mint of PFP type NFTs planned for late 2022 at the earliest.