What is $GRASS?

First created on 21st April 2022, GRASS is the native utility token for GOAT Tribe.
The total supply of GRASS is capped at 27,182,818. This number is a reference to Euler's Number, a naturally occurring mathematical constant relating to exponential growth.


Fee Reduction

Initial utility associated with $GRASS will be tied to the GOAT Tribe marketplace, where users will have the option to use our native token to cover up to 25% of fees. Furthermore, developments are underway to allow transactions to be made on marketplaces, including our own, entirely in $GRASS.
In addition to this, we are investigating the potential for use of $GRASS for the purchase of physical items within our store.

Smoking $GRASS

From the point of implementation of $GRASS as a fee reduction token on the GOAT Tribe marketplace and for every 18 epochs, fees earned from transactions of this nature will be burned, removing them from circulating supply.

Rewarding Interaction

To help onboard users and engage through distribution, $GRASS will also be democratically distributed as an award for engagement, interaction and participation in our ecosystem.

Connect with Community

Further utility of the $GRASS token currently being researched is associated with the GOAT Tribe store and interactive media.