Billy Johns (goat farmer’s son and once adept goat milker) develops a crippling fear of goats following a brutal childhood prank masterminded by his brother, involving the mutilated corpse of Billy’s pet goat Michael, and the untimely death of his father.
15 years later Billy discovers his brother is still experimenting with goats and has refined a formula to turn them into ferocious carnivores with a taste for human flesh. Billy battles with his goat phobias and launches a bid to save man and goat kind alike from his depraved brother. Predictably, Billy is killed by his brother and his goat progeny, and eventually the world is overrun by half-goat half-human hybrids with only a finite amount of human flesh to feast on.
Following the demise of the human race, being forced to reflect upon their actions, the goat-people begin to evolve and build a democratic vegetarian goat-society, holding Billy as their God and moral compass.
This is the story of Generation Alpha: 10,000 goats who carved a new civilisation from the remains of mankind...or one version of it at least...
This is the GOAT Tribe.

Project Origin

A lot of good things come from negative circumstances being turned on their head and there were many factors which led to the inception of GOAT Tribe and the coming together of the team. The original drawings and project concept came at a difficult time, when drawing was a need and an outlet, spurned on by the creativity and success of high profile Ethereum projects and creators such as Beeple, BAYC and CryptoPunks alongside the challenge of mixing code and illustration.
The project as you see it today is a true team effort, spurred on by community and camaraderie. We came together over a mutual appreciation for NFT art and we are driven by an incentive to create value for those who put their faith in us and be at the forefront of the Cardano NFT revolution. We want everyone to be as proud of their goats as we are.
Goats in particular were chosen for their resilience and resourcefulness. Goats climb to seemingly impossible heights and don't take shit from anyone.


Dan Concept, Art & Operations
J Marketing, Sales, Operations
Alex Research, Community
Visionzzz Lead Developer


The Vanguard was our advance party; a very short run of 33 bespoke promotional goats distributed with two main aims in mind:
  1. 1.
    We wanted to recognize those people in the space who showed absolute commitment to Cardano NFTs from the very beginning. These people helped shape the space into the positive, uplifting community we all experience via Twitter and multiple Discord servers. Without them, the Cardano NFT space wouldn't be as nurturing or as renowned for positivity. They embody everything the Tribe aspires to be.
  2. 2.
    We wanted to share our vision of the Tribe and show the whole Cardano NFT space what we were capable of. As well as embracing the challenge of customizing our goats to fit the personalities of those we admire, it was a great opportunity to see some of our pieces being used as profile pictures and to get the word out ahead of our mint, especially at a time when confidence in the CNFT space was relatively low.
Recently Vanguard applications have been re-opened in order for GOAT Tribe to remain at the fore of Cardano NFTs and to reach new audiences across unexplored mediums and platforms.
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