Of the total token supply, 60% (16,309,690) will be distributed to the GOAT Tribe community. 10% (2,718,281) will be available as an airdrop to GOAT Tribe NFT holders; a further 30% (8,154,845) will be released to TRIBE stake pool delegates as an Initial Stake Offering (ISO); and 20% (5,436,663) will be held by the treasury in order to reward users for supporting the Tribe. There will be no public sale.
35% of the token supply will be retained by the team, with 15% being locked for our founders and vested over a 3 year period; 10% being locked for the development & operations team; and 10% reserved for marketing and promotion.
The remaining 5% will be used for providing liquidity and listing fees to exchanges.
This distribution model ensures funding for the growth and development of the GOAT Tribe without exposing the token economy to any large token holder.
Token Usage
Token Quantity
Team (founders and development / operations)
Community rewards
Airdrop to GOAT Tribe NFT holders
Marketing and promotion
Exchange listing and liquidity

Vesting Schedule

The team vesting schedule starts immediately after the NFT holder airdrop (or the first public token distribution, whichever is first). Over the span of three years, the percentage of tokens released to the team will decrease, starting with 40% in year 1; 35% in year 2; and the remaining 25% in year 3. Tokens will be distrusted to the team members on a monthly basis, spread evenly throughout the year and will have some performance based criteria.
Distributing in this way promotes consistency in team members by incentivizing them to operate at the highest levels as well as remain with the project and aims to reduce the potential for a large amount of $GRASS to be sold in a single transaction or period.


As a traded asset, the value of $GRASS token will be subject to market influences.
$GRASS shall be a deflationary asset, with overall token supply decreasing over time through burning initiatives we like to refer to as 'Smoking'.


A total of G2,718,281 (10% of the total token supply) will be airdropped to holders of the original GOAT Tribe NFT collection via DripDropz™. Each GOAT Tribe NFT is allocated an equal amount $GRASS of approximately G271.82 per GOAT.

ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering)

ISPO stands for “Initial stake pool offering,” and creates a revolutionary fair funding mechanism. More fair than an IPO/ICO, the user does not spend their cryptocurrency, rather pledge their rewards towards the stake pool operating the event.
Stake pools on the Cardano network to help distribute native assets and allow users to delegate their future reward towards a desired goal. In exchange brands may reward the user for their participation

How can I participate?

New delegators can stake to UNI1 as long as the pool is not saturated. Any ADA added after saturation will not earn any $GRASS rewards.

How are rewards calculated?

SPO rewards will be calculated through live stake and the number of GOAT NFTs in your staked wallet. Meaning delegators will need to start delegating from the previous epoch to be eligible for the total rewards available.
Anyone can delegate to the ISPO pool to receive $GRASS, although holding GOAT NFTs will multiply the amount of $GRASS you receive.
Those who only delegate ADA will receive .01 $GRASS per staked ADA Pool rewards will be 100% $GRASS.
Note All GOAT Tribe NFTs must be in the same wallet delegated, any $ADA added after saturation will not earn any $GRASS rewards. Stay up to date on all things GOAT Tribe by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter.
Here’s a table breaking down the rewards according to the number of GOAT NFTs:
# of GOATs
Holiday GOATs
Extra 1.15x max

Bonus NFTs

Delegators will also be eligible to receive bonus NFTs which include:
A custom 1/1 GOATIA NFT: awarded to the user who stakes the most amount of GOATs & ADA for the longest period of time.
Psy GOAT NFTs: awarded to users who stake at least 1000 ADA for a minimum of 18 epochs per 1 GOAT tribe NFT in their wallet
Baby GOAT NFTs: awarded to users who stake at least 500 ADA for a minimum of 18 epochs.

Use of Proceeds

We are excited to partner with Uniscroll for this ISPO. Their team has always helped GOAT tribe achieve our brands vision. Uniscroll is a Web3 company providing decentralized solutions made for adoption. Find our more here